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    The libraries in Copenhagen and New York will host a series of international talks between high-profiled artists, opinion-makers and activists. Names, dates and events are to be announced. Furthermore all libraries will host local events reflecting on the themes of the project. Preliminary local event schedule - more events will be added.
    • Maps, Myths and Narratives
      From the earliest times, maps have depicted the Far North in a seamless combination of fact, fiction, and imagination. Former research librarian and expert in cartography Henrik Dupont.
      – At the Royal Library of Denmark February 23rd 17:00
    • Past: Arctic dreams
      The ice-cold and mythic Polar Regions have enticed the adventurous for centuries and are still today frequently used as a symbol in both art and literature. What is it with the Arctic that fascinates us so? Listen to authors Majgull Axelsson and Gunnar D Hansson, both former participants in the Artists Programme of the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat, in a conversation with Harald Hultqvist about literary polar expeditions and the Arctic in fiction.
      – At Stockholm Public Library March 15th 18:00
    • Olafur Eliasson and Paul Holdengräber
      The world-famous Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson creates his spectacular sculptures and large installations with a purpose: To open our eyes to the global challenges facing the world. In conversation with director of LIVE from New York Public Library, Paul Holdengräber.
      • Portrait of Olafur Eliasson
        Photo: María del Pilar García Ayensa / Studio Olafur Eliasson, 2013
        © Olafur Eliasson
      – At the Royal Library of Denmark April 5th 20:00
    • Who is responsible for the Arctic?
      It is a fact that the Arctic is melting – but where does the responsibility lie? What kinds of challenges are brought about by global warming what are the economic, political and social consequences? How can science, politics and the cultural sector interact to find a way forward? With Sverker Sörlin, professor of environmental history and founder of KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory in Stockholm, and Stina Oscarson, dramatist and writer.
      – At Stockholm Public Library April 6th 18:00
    • Future: Can I really affect the climate?
      Welcome to a screening of Leonardo DiCaprio’s documentary “Before the flood”, followed by a talk with Maria Wetterstrand, former leader of Sweden’s Green Party, and others. How can we change our lifestyle to combat global warming? Are we willing to make the necessary sacrifices? And even if we are – is there any point in light of global world politics?
      – At Stockholm Public Library May 3rd 18:00
    • An aching tooth – the 2nd Thule expedition
      Exactly 100 years ago the famous Danish explorer Knud Rasmussen lead a fatal expedition to map Northern Greenland. Knud Michelsen tells the story.
      – At the Royal Library of Denmark May 9th 18:00
    • Ultima Thule
      The world renowned fine art photographer Henrik Saxgren started working on his project Ultima Thule in 2014. He wanted to explore how much of the original hunting culture there was left in the Thule region. His travels with the hunters will result in a book and this May Saxgren will present his spectacular photographic work at the Black Diamond.
      – At the Royal Library of Denmark May 9th 19:30
      The best-selling Danish-Norwegian author has chronicled both modern day and historic Greenland
      – At the Royal Library of Denmark May 15th 20:00
    • Lecture by fisherman & hunter Pavia Nielsen
      Pavia Nielsen will give a talk on climate change and its consequences for fishermen and hunters. After the talk, there will be a Q&A session. The talk is held in Greenlandic – Free admission.
      – At the Central Library of Greenland May 30th 19:30
      The former French prime minister and foreign minister became world-famous for his unique diplomatic achievements during the climate summit COP21 in Paris. In conversation with author and journalist Martin Breum.
      – At the Royal Library of Denmark May 31st 17:30
    • Lecture by fisherman & hunter Lars Jeremiassen
      After the talk, there will be a Q&A session. The talk is held in Greenlandic – Free admission.
      – At the University Campus (Ilimmarfik), Nuuk, Greenland May 31st 19:30
      The world-famous musician and inventive avant-garde artist is known for her insatiable curiosity and critical approach.
      – At the Royal Library of Denmark Aug 30th